Format: CD
Label: Sbme/Columbia
Catalog: 84238
Rel. Date: 08/29/2006
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Falling Away
Artist: Crossfade
Format: CD
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''Falling Away'' is the second album from Crossfade released on August 29, 2006. Crossfade fans and reviewers of the album have said it is not as good as Crossfade's previous album. However, general opinion of the album is, as of yet, neutral. Some embrace the new sound, while other preferred the vocals of the first album, in which Tony Byroads was a member.

According to Mitch James, the band's bass player, the album has now sold a little over 200,000 copies, a far cry from the amount of copies sold with their self-titled debut, which sold over a million. - Wikipedia

Any pressure making the follow-up to a platinum debut album?

Sloan: There wasn't really the kind of pressure like the whole sophomore album and all that; we knew that whatever we had we thought would be good. But we did put pressure on ourselves because it got really late in the game, and we had basically two and a half months to write and record and finish the album. That was kind of stressful, spending days and nights in the studio, spending all night there sometimes for three-day hauls, cranking out the tunes.

You didn't have a big batch of stuff you wrote during the tour?

Sloan: Nah. And then when we came off the road we had a plan to have two weeks of R&R and then get started on the record. Somehow that two weeks turned into three months, then one day we all talked and said, "Man, we better get started on this thing!" [Laughs] There's one song called "Breathing Slowly," which is an older song of ours we liked well enough to redo, but other than that, everything else was brand new music that came in those two and a half months.

"Invincible," the first single, was one of the early songs?

Sloan: Yeah. It was just a little acoustic song I wrote and brought in, and the guys liked it so we started developing it first. It's one of the more happy songs on the album. I wrote it getting out of a marriage and I met a girl, so I was in a good mood, a good mode, and I wrote the song about her and how she sort of changed the way I live and the way I was thinking.

Did you feel surprised and/or vindicated by the first album's success?

Sloan: Oh, absolutely, man. We were always proud of the material, but we were surprised how quickly it happened and at how well "Cold" did and how it helped to sell records. For 15 years we'd been trying to do this, and there were a lot of people we just really wanted to show we could do this-people that we loved and people that we hated. So it was a blessing for us to reach platinum and have such good success, for sure.