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Living Room Tour
Artist: Carole King
Format: CD
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''The Living Room Tour'' is a live album by Carole King released in 2005. It consists of live recordings of most of the songs from ''Tapestry''. Her daughters Louise and Sherry and background singer and guitarist Gary Burr joined her on several songs. This album debuted at #17 in the US, becoming King's highest-charting album since 1977. This was largely due to television advertisements and being available in Starbucks retailers.

For the week of July 18, 2005 it was the #1 album on It was the #2 album of July 2005 on

In its first week, ''The Living Room Tour'' sold 44,000 copies in the United States. It has since sold over 330,000 copies in the United States.

In August 2006, the album re-entered the Billboard 200 at #151, as it was once again available in all Starbucks locations in the US. - Wikipedia

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