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Format: CD
Label: Astralwerks
Catalog: 11937
Rel. Date: 03/05/2002
UPC: 724381193723

Lazy Dog, Vol. 2
Artist: Lazy Dog
Format: CD
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Formats and Editions


1. It's Yours - (Original Distant Music Mix)
2. Guitar, The
3. By Your Side - (Ben Watt Lazy Dog Remix, Ben Watt Lazy Dog remix
4. Destiny - (Deep FM Trumpet Remix, Deep FM Trumpet remix)
5. Without You - (Liquid People Vocal Mix, Liquid People Vocal remi
6. No Win Situation - (Kluster Uplifting Mix)
7. Heard It All Before - (Ben Watt Lazy Dog Remix)
8. Dreamoz - (D' Julz Mix)
9. In the Music - (Sunswing Mix)
10. My Love for You - (Live Element Remix)


1. I Can't Wait - (Original Flavor Mix)
2. Rocsette's Groove - (Latin Horizon Mix)
3. Been So Long - (Wamdue Speakeasy Vocal Mix)
4. All That I Give - (Dub Mix)
5. Sereia - (Original Mix)
6. In Your Arms (We Gonna Make It) - (Joey Negro Revival Dub mix, J
7. I Know You, I Live You - (Joey Negro Revival Mix)
8. Supernova - (Club Mix)
9. Tha Music - (Knee Deep Club Mix)
10. Summer


Unlike a lot of rockers who tried to upgrade when electronica declared its eternalpresence on the world stage, Ben Watt has found a very comfortable home in theclubs. He and his non-Everything but the Girl partner Jay Hannan have helmedthe long-running club night Lazy Dog in the Notting Hill section of London.Since this area is also home to the largest Carnival events in Europe, there'sno surprise that there ain't nothin' but a party going on as far asHannan and Watt are concerned. Hell, a guy who confronted almost-certain deathwhen he contracted Churg-Strauss syndrome, a rare auto immune system disease,a few years back probably knows the importance of joyful release a lot betterthan most of us, so this second volume of the Lazy Dog series shows boththe guys settling deep into the deep house groove.

Many of the U.S. post-punks who picked up dance music with the onset of ambienthave drifted towards house because of its musicality and its position as thebeginning of all of this mess. It's one of the reasons why Astralwerkspicked up San Francisco house imprint Naked Music, and it's also why Dimitrifrom Paris and Ben Watt do what they do on this label. The very minute Wattdrops the needle on Jon Cutler's house anthem "It's Yours"on the first CD, the theme for both mixes on this CD is set: soulful, upliftingdeep house from some of the biggies, including E-Smoove, Wamdue Project andKim English—with a few of Watt's own remixes thrown in for good measure.Dig in, li'l doggies.
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