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Van Morrison - Magic Time


Format: CD
Label: Geffen
Catalog: 0004662
Rel. Date: 05/17/2005
UPC: 602498709450

Magic Time
Artist: Van Morrison
Format: CD
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''Magic Time'' is an extensive three-disc compilation containing music from the bands The Millennium, The Ballroom, Sagitarius and also the artist Curt Boettcher, released in 2001.

It isn't completely accurate to call it a reissue of The Millennium album ''Begin'', though it does contain the entire album plus all of the single versions of songs from that album. It also isn't accurate to refer to it simply as a Millennium compilation because it contains the entire (previously unreleased) album by The Ballroom, as well as numerous demos for The Ballroom, Sagittarius, and Curt Boettcher. This three-CD set chronicles Curt Boettcher's progression from The Ballroom to The Millennium, though it doesn't include anything from the Sagittarius album released during this time, or any of his productions for other artists (especially noteworthy is that it doesn't include any of his productions for Lee Mallory, who was later an integral part of The Millennium).

Though it might be overkill for somebody who is only interested in hearing ''Begin'', it is invaluable for Boettcher fans. - Wikipedia

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