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Format: CD
Catalog: 172002
Rel. Date: 12/23/2003
UPC: 602498613771

Mta2: Baptized In Dirty Water
Artist: David Banner
Format: CD
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''MTA2: Baptized in Dirty Water'' is the second album by rapper David Banner. It was released in the United States on December 23, 2003. There is a Chopped & Screwed version by Michael 5000 Watts. - Wikipedia

David Banner is the conscience of crunk. Considering crunk's got the moral compass of a drunken fratboy, this is no small task. Now, everyone except priests and Fugazi needs a soundtrack to getting screwed up in the club, but Banner never loses sight of the hangover the next morning, when ain't a damn thing changed. He's also got a John Henry work ethic: less than twelve months after his solo debut, Mississippi: The Album, here's a whole new record. Crunk-like gabba, bleep and bass techno, and techstep drum 'n bass-proves that some hardcore sounds are universal, whether you're a [insert race here] with attitude in Biloxi, Sheffield, or Rotterdam. All ominous bass drones, thudding kick drums, and skittering snares, MTA2: Baptized in Dirty Water (a better title than alt-country has managed in ten years) is often brutal, stripped down and nasty. But while hardcore techno (and most crunk) marshals these noises to party in the face of cultural collapse, Banner also evokes a winded sadness. (He's also stuffed scholarships worth $10K at the higher educational institution of the recipient's choice into random copies of the album... a damn sight better than the crappy jewelry and shoes you get from Jay-Z or G Unit.) But Banner is as deeply rooted in the blues (no, not The Blues, thank you Mr. Scorsese) as in any newfangled machine music. Alongside the gutter-tech, guitars gently weep, whether slow burning "solos" or melodies plucked from the cat's cradle of a Guns N' Roses ballad. When the two approaches are combined, as on "Ooh Ahh," the effect is catalytic: few people are producing better music right now, in any genre. The missing link between Merle Haggard and Rotterdam Termination Source, David Banner makes music for beat up old cars with shiny new rims on their way to the liquor store. Or the daycare center.


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