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Format: CD
Catalog: 8666
Rel. Date: 09/09/2003
UPC: 099923866626

Feel It
Artist: Some Girls
Format: CD
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Some girls, they say, have all the luck-and that could well be said of Juliana Hatfield and Freda Love, two-thirds of this particular group of Some Girls. Hatfield and Love may not be able to line their walls with platinum albums (or platinum-level royalty checks), but they've had the good fortune to be associated with some 16 years of fine modern rock, first with the Blake Babies and in subsequent work-Hatfield's solo career, Love with Mysteries of Life. Following the Blake Babies short-lived reunion at the turn of the century, Hatfield and Love decided to stay together for another worthwhile enterprise, bringing in multi-instrumentalist Heidi Gluck of the Pieces and hunkering down in Bloomington, Indiana at Echo Park Studios, where Love's husband and Mysteries of Life frontman Jake Smith produced Some Girl's debut, Feel It. The result is 11 agreeably lo-fi songs all compositionally solid and tautly arranged, sacrificing instrumental fat in favor of melodic integrity-in other words, you can hum along by the second chorus. A line like "Will you still be here when the crowds have gone?''-from the album-opening title track-sounds like the wistful query of veteran rockers who have lived their share of hype, but Feel It deserves to draw a crowd for the exuberant, riffy bounce of "The Prettiest Girl" and the unbridled energy of "Launch Pad" and "Robot City." The trio gives Robert Johnson's "Malted Milk" a modern, atmospheric overhaul, while "Almost True" is pretty without being frilly and the title track boasts a down-tuned, Velvet Underground flavor. "On My Back" isn't quite phat enough to be funky, but "Necessito" fits that bill with its tight rhythm and building dynamics. Some girls may indeed have all the luck, and with Some Girls' Feel It, we do, too.
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