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Format: CD
Catalog: 8621
Rel. Date: 05/06/2003
UPC: 099923862123

What Sound
Artist: Lamb
Format: CD
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For domestic listenersjust catching up to this album, a very quick survey of events is in order. Forback in the watershed period for lazy, Portishead-inspired trip-hop acts, thevocalist-producer duo of Lamb stood out early on for their integrity, charm andearly adoption of drum and bass production techniques with Louise Rhodes' fragile,crisp vocalese. As time progressed, the duo has continued to grow and expand intomore sophisticated musical arrangements and mature songwriting, both in full displayon What Sound. Granted, this holds no surprise for people already aware of Lamb'ssignificant talents, but those wondering what happened to them after their lastalbum Fear of Fours will marvel at how far the group has come.

At this point,Lamb's artistry transcends the need of any trends for its justification, so thetrue qualities of this album are far more basic. The eminently moving ballad "Heaven"has already charmed its way onto the soundtrack of HBO's "Six Feet Under," andconfessional ballads like "I Cry" and "Just Is" show how powerfully Rhodes canevoke complex emotion with her words and her voice. Likewise, her production sidekickAndy Barlow can create—both on his own and with guests such as Arto Lindsay, JimiGoodwin [Doves] and Michael Franti [Spearhead]—effective musical arrangementsto back her up. Not unlike Thievery Corporation or Massive Attack, Lamb have learnedthe importance of songcraft alongside production skill in their field, and areonly likely to build upon their strengths in the future. With the U.S. release'sadded DVD and four added songs (including a unique cover of the jazz standard"The Night Has a Thousand Eyes"), now is a good time to catch up.
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