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Beausoleil - Looking Back: Beausoleil Live


Format: CD
Label: RHINO
Catalog: 76697
Rel. Date: 01/16/2001
UPC: 081227669720

Looking Back: Beausoleil Live
Artist: Beausoleil
Format: CD
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Formats and Editions


1. J'Ai t au Bal (I Went to the Dance)
2. Bon Temps Rouler
3. Pa Janvier
4. Parlez-Nous A Boire
5. Amd
6. Varise
7. Travailler, C'Est Trop Dur
8. It's You I Love
9. Grand Mamou
10. Pierrot Grouillette et Mamselle Josette
11. Zydeco X
12. Ma Douce Amie (My Sweet Friend)
13. Quoi 'Y a Toi (What's Wrong With You)
14. Perky Dance Two-Step
15. Bon Soir, Tous Mes Amis

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