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Everything Is Wrong
Artist: Moby
Format: CD
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''Everything Is Wrong'' is the third album by the artist Moby, released in 1995. The album was Moby’s first acclaimed electronica album, but true mainstream success did not come about until the release of his 1999 album, ''Play''.

''Everything Is Wrong'' was released with a limited edition bonus disc of ambient music, ''Underwater''.

Inside the album's booklet, Moby provides two personal essays, quotes from famous persons (from Albert Einstein to St. Francis of Assisi), and facts that he has collected (e.g. regarding animal experiments).

The album was followed up in early 1996 with a remix album entitled ''Everything Is Wrong - DJ Mix Album'' (Mixed & Remixed - XLCDSTUMM130). Mixed by Moby from the various remixes that were commissioned by Mute, the album was a two disc set. The first disc was "Hard Techno, Joyous Anthems & Quiet Ambiance", while the second was "New York Hard House, Groovy Acid & Melodic Trance". - Wikipedia

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