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Format: CD
Catalog: 20082
Rel. Date: 01/20/2004
UPC: 036172008223

Punk Rock
Artist: Mekons
Format: CD
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You don't need to be old to make good punk rock. Some of the most prominent practitioners of this venerable style of traditional urban folk music-the members of Good Charlotte and Sum 41, for instance-have yet to puff away at a thirty-candle birthday cake. In fact, punk's simple rhythms, chords, and melodies, as well as its memorable, sing-along lyrics, make it a perfect show business point of entry for modestly talented teens with too much on the ball to become DJs, politicians, or blues prodigies.

Still, nothing hones a punk's powers like a few decades of dedicated mischief-making. The Mekons, those recondite graduates of punk's class of '77, have negotiated so many stylistic byways in their 25+ years that they called this collection of revisited and reworked chestnuts Punk Rock, just so interested parties would know that it wasn't some kind of klezmer/bluegrass/sea shanty concept album. But the only thing the years have taken from them since they first recorded these songs in the late '70s and early '80s is sloppiness. Punk Rock finds the band compensating for its proficiency with a raw, lo-to-no-fi approach to recording on frisky live renditions of rockers such as "Teeth," "Never Been in a Riot," and "Fight the Cuts." On gentler tracks-the fiddle drone-driven "This Sporting Life," for example-the Mekons wear their hard-won finesse with pride. Despite the song's delicate banjo and mbira interplay, it doesn't seem the least bit contrived, just more nuanced, like its fellow reinterpretations.

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